Clay Weeks
for Alderman
Ward 6

Get your vote out on April 6

Please VOTE on April 6th

My family and I are proud of my candidacy for the Alderman position in Ward 6. Ward 6 is largely the eastern portion of our great city and a map is provided on my Facebook page if you wish to view it.

As many know, I am on the management side of the construction industry and I have supervised hundreds of building projects in the area. I believe our city’s unprecedented growth will give rise to the need for my expertise at the Board level. Replacing pipes, building water towers, reviewing residential development plans and adopting new city ordinances to insure quality utility service, transportation needs and beautification will continue to be paramount. I, most literally, want to help Brandon build a better future.

My experience as a former building inspector in Brandon is similarly helpful.

Even with great leadership, it is important for your Alderman to be a sounding board, a pro-active voice, and ask the right questions. What can be done about our water and sewer issues? How can we save money on the construction of the next large project? Can we finance or cash flow a project in a manner that minimizes the tax burden on our residents? My knowledge and experience will come in handy with these items.

My support for police and fire personnel will be unmatched. I’ve hosted many first responders at my house for years.

I am just a regular guy, but I promise I will not be just a regular Alderman.

I also commit to my ward that I will seek their input and not just at election time. I’ll post the Board’s agenda on my Facebook page as soon as allowed and ask for ideas or criticisms both publicly and privately. After all, aren’t 2,000 heads better than one? I will be the one that promotes Brandon, not myself, and makes Brandon the best place to live and work in the state of Mississippi.

Let’s build a better Brandon

It’s time for the City of Brandon to have tough, honest leadership in Ward 6, by someone who has experience building success. Gone are the days that we can merely be rooftops. Let’s work together to make Brandon the economic, cultural, and living environment a town of its prestige deserves.

Clay’s Family

Clay with the girls

Clay’s Daughters