Cornerstone HOA Statement

Cornerstone HOA Discussion:

I am very proud that I could play a significant role in resolving the controversy, and avoiding litigation, regarding the developer issues surround Cornerstone’s retention pond(s). Jereme’s acknowledgement of my efforts made me proud to be a part of this great neighborhood. I also agree with Jereme that Ben and the rest of your board worked like dogs to get this done—that includes Jereme. All the parties were sitting at my dining room table when we hammered out the final details—like professionals.

I am disappointed that others, who played absolutely no part in the resolution of this matter, have publicly attempted to take credit. I suppose that is the nature of politics, but it’s the seedy side that I don’t travel in. Let’s keep this positive. Cornerstone got what it needed to improve its quality of life and move forward with a quality development. Cornerstone HOA: Kudos to you, my friends!